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Front End Developer
with a passion for building aesthetic, clean looking websites.

About Me

I'm a 21 years old web developer located in Cracow, Poland.

I'm well-organised person who loves solving problems. My affection towards coding started in high school, where I wrote my first lines of JavaScript.

Apart from programming I'm into reading books, travelling and amateur photography. I've also got interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In the future I want to further explore Front End industry, as well as to learn more about Back End technologies, so that I can define myself as a Full Stack Developer.

My Skills

Featured Projects

Playlist Randomizer

Web application that supports playing YouTube playlists. It's expanded by couple of additional functionalities, for instance: viewing details of selected playlists (including whole list duration, which is not available by default on YouTube), possibility to save playlist in browser's local storage (so page loads faster) or multiple color themes.

Technologies used

Playlist Randomizer Project Preview


It's my own custom Discord theme. I've been updating and maintaining it since I started developing it 4 years ago for me and my friends. This project has been open source since early 2022 and is now listed on official BetterDiscord's theme list.

Technologies used

Novum Project Preview

Region Conquest

I've done this with my friend as a project in high school. I was responsible for making Front-End's UI, whole 3D experience and implementing part of communication between Front and Back-End. It's a multiplayer game that supports real time communication and decision making. It can hold up large amount of lobbies simultaneously, enables user registration, login and storing game related statistics in database.

Technologies used

Reqion Conquest Project Preview

Nurse Scheduling App

The app, which is currently helping workers at IOP in Otwock with setting and editing their time tables, has been done by AGH's science club Glider. I've been working with Glider for 2 months in 2021: for this time I've been mainly coding new React components and refactoring old ones. My biggest task was migrating whole app to styled-components. I've also written my first test using Cypress.

Technologies I've used

Nurse Scheduling Project Preview

Get In Touch

Although I'm not currently looking for any new opportunities, I'm always open to talk. If You have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Let's talk!